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Nekked Relief & Recovery Roll-On


The Nekked Relief & Recovery roll on was originally formulated, relieve the pain caused by chronic migraine headaches. Searching for a pain reliever without the negative side effects, Cristi developed this unique, organic and vegan relief formula.


Our high potency, 250mg on-the-go pain relief CBD roll-on, is a powerful blend formulated with organic oils of, fractionated Coconut, Peppermint, Rosemary, Cinnamon, Arnica, Ginger root and full spectrum Hemp CBD extract.


Perfect for people new to CBD, or as a companion product to CBD edibles, this take-everywhere roll-on can be discreetly applied anywhere as it applies clear, absorbs quickly and delivers pinpointed, targeted relief to the discomforted area. Excellent for migraines, gently glide rollerball on temples or desired area and massage into skin thoroughly. NOTE: Excessive pressure to rollerball may result in oil leaking. Reapply as needed 3-4 times daily.


Serving Size is .33oz = 250mg

Nekked Relief & Recovery Roll-On