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Nekked Lov'n Personal Lubricant


We didn’t just set out to make a natural lubricant. We set out to create the best personal & edible lubricant to create a satisfying sexual experience. Made with pure fractionated coconut oil this natural moisturizer not only contains anti-bacterial healing properties, it also tastes yummy!


Tested and approved by yours truly!!! Our lubricant was designed for your ultimate pleasure to maximize enjoyment with a long lasting, natural and silky glide whilst nourishing and rejuvenating your skin for optimum health and vitality. Formulated with pure coconut oil and food grade essential oils for a neutral taste and delicate scent.


This oils is perfect for switching between lovemaking, massage and oral sex.

Worried about that yucky stickiness that the “other guys” sell? Not to worry at Bare Nekked we are passionate about intimate health. Our products are made with organic ingredients and are all natural, with no synthetics. So go ahead, get Nekked and have some fun tonight!


How to Use a Personal Lubricant: The best way to apply a lubricant is to use a small amount at first. Additionally, when coconut oil is used as a personal lubricant, it typically lasts a long time and does not need to be re-applied however; if reapplication is required that's ok! Apply as needed


NOTE: This product contain nuts from Coconut. Safe to use on silicone toys, under water play and anal. Use with polyurethane condoms. DO NOT use latex with this lubricant it is not compatible and the condom may break. Some people may be allergic to coconut products. We will not be held responsible for the misuse of this product.


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Nekked Lov'n - Personal Lubricant