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Natural Boar Bristle Exfoliating Brush


Our exfoliating brush is natural, with plant based soft boar bristles. Designed to provide a perfect, healthful, wet or dry exfoliating treatment. Lightweight wood with a side hand strap, designed to fit most hands.


The practice of dry brushing has been used in Ayurvedic medicine and ancient Greek cultures to cleanse and beautify the skin. Intended to eliminate dead skin cells, toxins, stimulate circulation and reduce the appearance of cellulite, leaving your skin with a beautiful glow. It's a very simple treatment you can indulge in at home and reap the benefits of beautiful, glowing skin.


The dry brushing process isn't complicated and takes approximately 5-10 minutes for your entire body. Due to the stimulating and energizing effect of dry brushing, it is recommended performing your dry brushing in the morning.


While there is no “right way” to dry brush, proper dry brushing techniques, start in small circles at the feet and work up to the neck and are followed by a shower or bath to wash away impurities released by the process.


Step by step process

Note: You can also enhance your dry brushing experience by adding a dab of Nekked Massage Oil and gently brush in circular motion.

  • To begin, strip down to bare skin. Some recommend standing in an empty bathtub or shower, but anywhere you're comfortable and won't slip is fine. Starting at the feet, brush upward toward the body with light, smooth strokes. Dry brush the entirety of each leg, working up to the upper thighs.
  • Continue with the buttocks and back
  • Move on to the arms, starting at the backs of the hands and work upwards to the shoulders, again using light, smooth strokes.
  • The stomach and chest are more sensitive than the arms and legs, so lighten your touch a bit here. You can continue with upward circular strokes, depending on which is more comfortable to you. Don't brush over breasts (for women) or nipples (for everybody).
  • If you'd like to also brush your face and neck, you may do so with a light, smooth stroke. Brush lightly upward on the neck, then gently across the face from chin to forehead.
  • After your dry brushing session, shower or bathe, then finish with an application of our Nekked body cream, or Nekked massage oil.

Natural Boar Bristle Exfoliating Brush