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Body Silk Powder


Our silky smooth, certified organic powder is formulated from a gentle blend of vegetable root powders, silky clays and skin soothing oils and botanicals, for delicate skin types. Sold in a fabulous, 6 oz. metal container, with a bonus 1 oz. refillable travel size spray bottle, allowing you to refresh on the go, anytime of the day.


Made with organic ingredients, our Non-GMO, talc and aluminum free, light, yet super-absorbent silk body powder, is safe for all ages. May be used daily for all skin types. Excellent for under the breasts, inner thighs and other skin fold areas to help prevent chafing.


Lightly dust your body between a bath or shower, to keep your body feeling fresh and dry, while soothing and softening your skin all day.


Not only is our Nekked Silk Body powder amazing for your skin, it can also be used as a dry shampoo for quick hair refresh. This unique Nekked product, has become the "go to" for our busy family!

Body Silk Powder