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Nekked Beard Oil


Finding a good beard oil is an important factor in grooming a beard. You don’t want just any product, however; you want the best beard oil there is and we’re here to help! Inspired by one of our very own Nekked men, the Bare Nekked Beard Oil is carefully formulated and tested to soothe and moisturize your beard without making it feel heavy and oily.


Combined with the organic hair softening goodness of Jojoba, Grapeseed, Sweet Almond, Hemp Seed, Rosehip, Carrot Oils as well as pure essential oils and botanicals, this perfect combination not only provides a healthy sheen appearance it also smells amazing!


The frequency in application depends a lot on the shape and thickness of the beard, as well as the relative humidity level in the air. For thicker beards, or those in drier climates, consider hydrating every day. Others prefer every other day or once a week. Simply do whatever feels natural and produces the best results for your own beard.


The best time to oil up is right after a hot shower when the pores are clean, open, and most receptive to the oil (just be sure to towel dry first, so the oil can catch onto the hair and skin). To apply, rub two to three drops in your hands and work the oil through the entire beard, making sure to get down near the skin.

Nekked Beard Oil